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Ferrovial - Integrated annual report 2013 / Cadagua

Cadagua is one of the top international companies in the engineering and construction of water treatment plants, mainly seawater desalination plants, but also sewage treatment, water purification and waste treatment plants.

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Cadagua had a turnover of 128 million euro, 2% more than in 2012, with a backlog of 510 million euro, very similar to the previous year. Its international operations accounted for 45% of the total sales, thereby consolidating the strategy of international diversification, which began to gather strength in 2007.

The company has maintained its commercial focus on international markets, with a presence in markets in the Middle East, Poland, Latin America, North America, India and several Western European countries, such as the UK, Portugal and Ireland.

The main awards include the desalination plant of Al Ghubrah in Oman, where, together with a stake in the concessionaire, Cadagua is responsible for Engineering, Procurement and Construction (163 million euro, in a JV at 37.5%) and its operation and maintenance (170 million euro, in a JV at 10%). Other relevant contract awards were the Tomaszow Mazowiecki WWTP (waste-water treatment plant) and the Central DWTP (drinking water treatment plant) in Warsaw (36 million euro, both in a JV at 50% with Budimex) or the of Viseu Sul WWTP in Portugal (15 million euro, in a JV at 43% with Ferrovial Agroman and a local partner). Activity in the Spanish market is down, with awards including the third WWTP Galapagar-Torrelodones line (5 million euro, in a JV at 73% with Ferrovial Agroman), the modernization of the WWTP for García Carrión in Huelva (3 million euro), or several O&M packages of sewage treatment plants in Ibiza and Majorca (7 million euro).

The projects inaugurated include the commissioning of the Águilas-Guadalentín Desalination Plant in Murcia, one of the world’s largest facilities for seawater desalination via reverse osmosis, with a maximum production capacity of 210,000 m3 per day, the Hogenakkal DWTP of 170,000 m3 per day in India and the IWWTP (industrial waste water treatment plant) in Norfleet for Kimberly Clark in the United Kingdom.

In 2013, the Valdelentisco Desalination Plant received the Eco-management Award at the 5th Sustainable Development Awards of the Autonomous Region of Murcia.