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Ferrovial - Integrated annual report 2013 / Greece

Ionian Roads highway

  • Two independent sections:
    • The first, Pathe (Atenas-Skarfia), 219.7 km long and recently refurbished, is the northern exit road from the capital. It is part of the country’s main arterial road, as it connects the two major cities in Greece, Athens and Thessaloniki.
    • The Ionian Road is newly built and measures 159 km. It runs along the coast of the Ionian Sea from Patras to Ioannina in the north.
  • Toll rates are inflation-indexed.
  • 378.7 kilometers
  • €1.26 billion investment managed
  • 33.34% stake
  • 2037 end of concession period

Central Greece toll road

  • It runs from the north to the southeast through central Greece, connecting the highways of Egnatia Odos and Pathe, at the city of Lamia.
  • It is made up of two sections:
    • The first, known as the Central Greece section, is 174 km long and will be built entirely by the consortium. 78 km will be built by 2015, and the remaining 96 km will be built after that.
    • The second, running 57 km adjacent to the foregoing, will be built by the Greek government and subsequently transferred to the concessionaire. The first 27 km are already in operation.
  • Toll rates are inflation-indexed.
  • 231 kilometers
  • €649.9 million investment managed
  • 33.34% stake
  • 2038 end of concession period