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Ferrovial - Integrated annual report 2013 / International

Ferrovial Services International was created to strengthen Ferrovial Services’ growth in new markets. It currently operates in Chile, Poland, Portugal and Qatar.

With the acquisition of Steel Ingeniería, Ferrovial Services began operations in Chile. Since then, Steel Ferrovial Servicios has landed new contracts, including cleaning the furnaces at Chuquicamata Mine for 4 years and supplying equipment to the Radomiro Tomic and Gabriela Mistral mines during the next 5 years.

Ferrovial Services operates in Poland through FBSerwis, a joint venture with Budimex, the country’s largest construction company. Its main contracts include upkeep of Expressway S7 and maintenance of the A4 Motorway and the National Stadium in Warsaw.

Ferrovial Services is one of the leading providers of municipal waste management services in Portugal. In 2013, the company obtained a new contract to build and maintain the LIPOR landfill in Póvoa do Varzim (Porto) for 25 years, and it renewed its municipal waste collection contract in Planalto Beirão for 9 years.

In Qatar Ferrovial Services commenced three maintenance contracts worth 169 million euro at Doha International Airport, which will be inaugurated in the coming months.