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Ferrovial - Integrated annual report 2013 / Services

Ferrovial Services experienced a very positive year thanks to strong performance across its businesses in the UK and Spain, two strategic acquisitions, and a new organizational structure.

Ferrovial Services is an international leader in the efficient delivery of municipal and environmental services solutions, and transport infrastructure operation and maintenance. It offers a wide range of innovative solutions to diverse public and private sector clients using a wholelife asset management approach.

City transformation provides an opportunity to innovate the delivery of services to local communities. Ferrovial Services is able to support local governments by generating savings, improving the quality of public services, and encouraging citizen participation through integrating service delivery.

Ferrovial Services is perfectly placed to support cities through its broad portfolio of services and its proposition based on long-term public-private partnerships and service integration, which ultimately improve citizens’ living standards.

Santiago Olivares 2013 Results

Ferrovial Services
  • 3.7sales
    billion euro
  • 322EBITDA
    million euro
  • 17.7backlog
    billion euro
  • 359operating cash flow
    million euro