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Ferrovial - Integrated annual report 2013 / Support for startups and entrepreneurs

Innovation and entrepreneurship are keys for the future of Ferrovial and part of its history. For Ferrovial, startups provide the space and speed for experimenting with disruptive ideas. It collaborates with the most brilliant entrepreneurs to connect them with the organization to speed up the innovation process.

Ferrovial is open to piloting the technologies and business models of startups through its infrastructures, testing their validity in a challenging environment while learning in each interaction. The final goal is to innovate easier, in other words to launch these inventions on the international market jointly.

In 2013 Ferrovial took part in the 2nd Spain Startup & Investor Summit, a meeting point for entrepreneurs, investors and companies. The Summit is a platform for the main actors in the entrepreneurship ecosystem. It aims to create a space for opportunities where ideas can become reality.

Ferrovial also collaborated in 2013 on the regional edition of IBM Smartcamp, an initiative that is part of the IBM Global Entrepreneur Program. This initiative provides participants with an opportunity to network and receive advice and support from venture capital businesses, local and international investors, industry executives and prestigious entrepreneurs.

For the third year in a row, Ferrovial once more participated in Pasion>ie, an initiative that Accenture Spain and the IE Business School have launched to create links between the innovation community and business in order to develop innovative projects that can contribute to economic and social development, within three categories: the city of the future; the health service of the future; and the retail distribution of the future.

Through these initiatives, Ferrovial has developed innovation projects in collaboration with Spanish startups, introducing their technologies in contracts managed by the company relating to the analysis of traffic flows through Bluetooth technology, or optimizing energy use in public lighting.