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Ferrovial - Integrated annual report 2013 / Environmental administrative disciplinary proceedings

Environmental administrative disciplinary proceedings

In 2013, a total of € 10,987.5 was paid in environmental penalties resolved during the year. Ferrovial reports the effective sanctions for 2013 as well as for previous years, given that legal processes involved often take longer than a year. Consequently, the figures do not include proposed amounts, but only those penalties that were executed in 2013.

The amount of the effective sanctions paid is maintained in line with last year, as are the number of penalties, regardless of their amount or nature (30 in 2013 compared with 25 in 2012).

There were no significant accidental spills in 2013. An event is considered to be significant when there are disciplinary proceedings resulting from it. In 2013 two proceedings corresponding to impact and authorization of occupation of the public water domain were identified.

The biggest penalties proposed are those referring to authorization for deposits and quarrying.