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Ferrovial - Integrated annual report 2013 / Table of environmental indicators

The table below includes the environmental indicators that have not been expressly mentioned in the text.


Volume of tropical timber 6.76 m3
Percentage of timber of guaranteed origin 73 %
Total volume of paper acquired 828,631 kg
Total volume of timber acquired  73,760  m3
Percentage of paper with FSC seal 32 %
Percentage of recycled paper 40 %
Percentage of paper bleached without chlorine 67 %
Procurement of key: Asphalt 2,074,705 t
Procurement of key: Concrete 7,001,862 t
Total vehicles in the fleet held under ownership 18,567 No.
Percentage of company vehicles powered by alternative fuels 4.12 %
Consumption of reused water 3,322,274 m3
Proposed penalties in the year due to
disciplinary proceedings opened in the year
271,968 euro
Construction and demolition waste 10,882,869 t
Total soil from excavation 20,199,553 m3
Topsoil reused 12,910 m3
Material sent to landfill outside the worksite 3,102,299 m3
Materials reused at worksite 6,812,610 m3
Materials sent to other worksite or authorized landfill 5,375,738 m3
Treated flow with incidents 17,740,711 m3
Total number of significant accidental spillages 12 No.
Total environmental investments and costs in the year 53,131,614 euro


Fuels used by stationary and mobile sources (total) Diesel 4,381,743.85 GJ
Fuel oil 17,856.57 GJ
Gasoline 314,562.58 GJ
NG 2,234,349.98 GJ
LPG 4,276.07 GJ
Propane 3,126.90 GJ
Consumption of energy acquired by primary sources Coal 729,384.88 GJ
Diesel 124,347.44 GJ
Gas 749,888.72 GJ
Biomass 48,384.11 GJ
Waste 10,933.64 GJ
Other 349,147.49 GJ
Electricity consumption Services Amey 8,781,112 kWh
Amey-Cespa 4,202,564.70 kWh
Enterprise 10,397,854.90 kWh
Ferrovial Servicios 68,820,023.21 kWh
Construction Budimex 38,606,757.47 kWh
Cadagua 120,094,744.17 kWh
Ferrovial Agroman 16,486,235.53 kWh
Webber 7,463,338 kWh
Toll Roads  Cintra 28,302,112.88 kWh
Corporate  Corporate 1,344,562 kWh