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Ferrovial - Integrated annual report 2013 / Ethics and Integrity


  • Ethics, professionalism and transparency in all Ferrovial activities.

Lines of action 

  • Combat corruption, bribery and extortion.
  • Promote the Global Compact principles.
  • Improve reporting of non-financial performance to analysts and investors.
  • Integrate respect for Human Rights in all the areas of activity.

Ferrovial promotes the principles of honesty, prevention of all forms of corruption, transparency and fulfillment of its commitments in all its operations, both to the market and to its stakeholders, respecting the specific circumstances and needs of all parties involved.

To this end, Ferrovial has its own Code of Business Ethics (also called the Code of Ethics), which must be complied with by all employees.

The company’s regulations were reviewed in 2013 with the aim of also incorporating the provisions of international standards (“FCPA”, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act) and the possible reform of the Spanish Penal Code, which is expected to be published in 2014.


Integrity 201320122011Var 13/12
Complaints received through the Whistleblowing Channel 52 31 63 68%
Training given on the Code of Ethics (cumulative hours)1 4,643 4,592 4,523 -

1 Training given to new hires and employees who did not take the course in previous years.