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Ferrovial - Integrated annual report 2013 / Harassment prevention

Since 2008, Ferrovial has published on its intranet a corporate Procedure for the Prevention of Workplace Bullying, Sexual Harassment and/or Gender-based Harassment. It is now in force throughout Spain.

The approach was based on the third article of the Code of Ethics, which calls for respect for the law, ethical integrity and Human Rights. It also draws on the contents of Organic Law 3/2007, passed by the Spanish government on March 22, 2007 to guarantee effective equality between men and women, and to protect employees from potential situations of gender-based harassment in the workplace.

This procedure, drafted in accordance with the recommendations of the European Framework Agreement on harassment and violence at work of April 26, 2007, guarantees the right to the utmost privacy and confidentiality in the handling of all such matters, including the identity of the persons involved.