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Ferrovial - Integrated annual report 2013 / Preventing fraud and corruption

Since 2009, Ferrovial has a corporate procedure in place to protect the company’s business assets and prevent fraud. This document was updated in 2012 in order to prevent any illegal conduct that may harm the company. The purpose of the 2012 update was to keep it aligned with the reality of the companies and countries in which Ferrovial operates, and reinforce the prevention of any conduct that contravenes legislation and/or the company’s rules.

The procedure is applicable to the employees of Ferrovial and of all companies, associations or organizations in which Ferrovial has a controlling interest (50% or more) or in which it has a minority interest with managerial control.

Internal fraud is defined as “any willful act or omission which, performed by Ferrovial employees, attempts to cause or causes harm to the business assets of Ferrovial, harm being understood to mean the generation of costs or expenses without equivalent compensation, impairment of assets or the failure to obtain a legitimate return”.

The procedure provides that any person subject to it who is aware of actions that could harm Ferrovial’s business assets has the right and obligation to inform the company. Notifications can be sent in the most efficient manner to the person’s immediate superior or through the Complaints Box, anonymously or not. The employee must try to make available all the information and/or documentation necessary so that a superior or the Complaints Box Managing Committee has sufficient evidence to make a correct analysis and assessment of the facts.