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Ferrovial - Integrated annual report 2013 / Projects

Normateca and Ambienteca

Ferrovial uses its Normateca and Ambienteca applications and internal procedures to guarantee compliance with all current legislation, regulations and agreements entered into with clients, thus fulfilling one of its core principles: “The value of commitment: We are an organization that delivers on its commitments. We abide by current legislation and fulfill the agreements signed with our customers and users, ensuring the quality and safety, as well as the environmental performance, of our products and services.”

This enables all Ferrovial business areas to guarantee the impact on user safety of product and services throughout all the phases of their life cycles.

The intrinsic characteristics of each activity mean that the Toll Roads area considers this aspect in infrastructure design, construction and management; the Construction division in the infrastructure construction phase; the Services area in infrastructure maintenance and management; the Water Treatment area in the plant design, construction and operation phase; and the Waste Management area throughout the whole of its process.

Normateca currently has 20,428 standards. This year 824 new standards were included, 10 of which are international and 814 Spanish (UNE and other standards).

Ambienteca has a total of 1,882 provisions, 16 of which have been incorporated over the last year.

Coffee & TIG

In 2013 the internal communication channel was launched to share know-how called TIG (Ferrovial.thinkingreen), as part of the Coffee (COllaboration for Ferrovial Employees) application, which is designed to work as an in-house social network that can be used to share information and answer user queries regarding the environment, sustainability and quality.

Since its launch in April 2013, the community has had 12,620 hits, 398 news articles have been uploaded, 482 posts have been made and 88 documents have been shared.

The Plaza Mayor building in the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid receives the COAM award

The Plaza Mayor building of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid has received First Prize for 2013 from the Office of Architecture Competitions of Madrid (COAM) from the Official Association of Architects of Madrid, as part of the 10th Architecture Week of Madrid, for its relevance and architectural quality.

The construction work on the Plaza Mayor building was carried out by Ferrovial Agroman and is an example of high quality in the field of architecture and engineering at national level, not only for integrating the building into a natural environment, but also for the accessibility to the various outbuilding that avoids any communication barrier. The building has also been equipped with maximum energy efficiency and functionality, with 26 thermal panels and 92 solar panels.