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Ferrovial - Integrated annual report 2013 / Services

Approximately 39% of the suppliers belong to the Services division, 67% of them in Spain. Local suppliers tend to be used in the Services division as well, because of the nature of its activity.


As the Services division was transformed and restructured in 2013, there has been a transition period in which different policies and procedures have coexisted. The aim is to achieve common policies and procedures in 2014. Following this process, the Services unit is now divided into three units.

In 2013 a new Procurement and Fleet Department was created for Spain. The organizational stage is now complete, with a new structure specializing in product and enhancing the fleet management function. This aspect has become very important following the incorporation of Cespa and urban waste management activities. A strategic plan to integrate procedures and optimize costs has also been defined.

During this process and throughout 2013, the purchasing transition procedures were defined, because technology is still different in each company. The new integrated purchasing system should be in operation in 2015, resulting in a single procedure for purchasing and for approving and evaluating suppliers.

Elsewhere in the world, some of the old procedures have been adopted in order to evolve toward a common plan. In the UK a new Purchases Department has been created to work toward establishing the organizational structure, new procedures and a strategic plan.

Purchasing policy 

One of the first decisive steps was to publish the Purchasing Policy for Ferrovial Services Spain, which includes the principles of action and management model, within the framework of legal compliance and sustainability.

Supplier evaluation

1,559 suppliers were evaluated in 2013, accounting for 6% of suppliers in this division. A total of 359 incidents relating to suppliers in the Services Division were registered in 2013. Of all the incidents, 303 were related to corporate responsibility aspects such as the environment and/ or health and safety.