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Ferrovial - Integrated annual report 2013 / Sustainable standards

Controlling the origin of wood

Ferrovial requires its wood suppliers to provide information and guarantees on the origin of their materials. Since 2005, all orders and purchasing contracts include clauses setting out the contractual obligation that the material supplied must be of a guaranteed origin.

Ferrovial uses wood as an auxiliary material, and it thus does not constitute a critical element for its commercial operations, except in the case of housing construction (which is only a small part of its business). In this case purchasing specifications establish the different requirements that must be met by the materials supplied, among them wood and materials that use wood in the manufacturing process. Wood from the tropics, which poses the highest risk, is managed following very strict specifications. Whenever possible, and in agreement with the client, alternatives to tropical woods are sought. Since October 2011 this wood has been managed by following very strict specifications to ensure that it is legally sourced and that its traceability is available until it is received on site.

Given that in most of the work executed by the construction business the projects are designed by another company (not Ferrovial) contracted by the client, the use of certified materials depends on the client, although if Ferrovial’s advice is sought it always recommends the use of certified wood.

Recycled material

Ferrovial continues with its commitment to promoting as far as possible the use of products manufactured using recycled materials, as well as products that can be recycled. With this aim in 2011 Ferrovial Agroman carried out a survey of its main suppliers, covering the activities in which these products are most likely to be included. This list will be supplemented on an ongoing basis.

The aim of these surveys is to have systematic information available on the use of these materials in its operations. A Supplier Database was created in 2012 including certificates that prove that the suppliers use recycled materials in their construction products, and identify to what extent these products can be recycled. Authorized personnel from the Purchases Department, Environment Services, Contracts Department and Line Management can access this database.

Green purchasing

Ferrovial pays attention to the environmental aspects of construction activity, particularly in terms of the use of recycled and recyclable materials. The Purchases Department has an IT knowledge management application called “icompras”, which enables information to be exchanged between national and international production centers.

The Services Division has prepared its own green purchasing guide that includes specific products, equipment and manufacturers for its own needs.

The database is a useful tool for preparing construction bids for clients, and also after the project has been assigned. All the tender bids include the greatest proportion possible of construction materials that are recycled, reused or environmentally-friendly, backed up by the certificates that guarantee these characteristics. The database provides information quickly and simply and is constantly updated during the process of preparing the bids.

Once the project has been assigned, the information contained in the database is used to identify the best opportunities in terms of costs.