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Ferrovial - Integrated annual report 2013 / Community Investment Strategy

Ferrovial’s current Corporate Responsibility strategy was approved in 2010 and back then it laid the foundations of what the strategy is today. It established that the Corporate Responsibility strategy must be aligned with the nature of the business and the business model. Thus, the following stances were taken: Promotion of smart infrastructures that are efficient, accessible, clean and caring. This means ensuring that the infrastructure and services improve the quality of life of the local communities where they are located. It also led to the creation of a Corporate Responsibility Committee and, as well as defining the places and lines of action, it established the priority areas of action for investment programs, i.e. environment, society and innovation.

Three priority community investment areas were also defined that concur with the nature of Ferrovial’s business and its possible impact:

  • Social infrastructures. Investment in development and cooperation projects, supporting the construction of basic social infrastructures for water and sanitation in partnership with a reputable NGO, and with the participation of Ferrovial employees.
  • Accessibility to public spaces and buildings. Ferrovial undertakes to use its know-how to adapt public spaces and buildings to people with mobility problems.
  • Restoration of historical monuments. The company’s commitment to the arts and culture is manifested through reconstruction and restoration projects on buildings of historical interest.

The following criteria are also taken into account when selecting social projects:

  • The ongoing nature of the projects through medium and long-term alliances with entities in the Third Sector with proven reputation and transparency. Ferrovial is active in numerous multi-sector organizations in the Third Sector. These include the Spanish Association for the Global Compact, of which Ferrovial is a founding partner and member of its Executive Committee; Fundación Lealtad; Fundación Seres, of which it is member of the board and Operational Committee; Forética, of which it is secretary general; and the London Benchmarking Group (LBG) Spain, of which it is founder. Ferrovial also takes part actively in the Corporate Responsibility committees of the employers’ organization CEOE. It is involved in the National Higher CSR Board (CERSE) through various professional and Third-Sector associations.
  • The financial and institutional sustainability of projects, in order to avoid generating dependency in the communities that receive assistance.
  • The multiplier effect: Ferrovial communicates its social investment experiences and good practices through a variety of forums and media channels to serve as an example to other institutions. It encourages campaigns that raise awareness of global problems.
  • Encouragement of employee participation in corporate social commitment: This is done through corporate volunteer work, as part of the 3rd Social Infrastructure Program (2013), and by involvement in matching-gift initiatives such as the “Juntos Sumamos” (Stronger Together) program. This program was in its ninth year in 2013 and three projects were selected: one run by CESAL in Haiti; another by Fundación San Cebrián in Palencia, Spain; and a project by Terre des Hommes in African countries.