1. Corporate Responsibility
  2. Conclusions of the 20.13 plan
  3. Volver


Ferrovial - Integrated annual report 2013 / Conclusions of the 20.13 plan

After three years in force this strategic plan has served as a basis in 2013 to tackle the issues and priorities for the upcoming years. Specifically it has provided the material on which the future CR 20.16 Plan has been designed.  


  • Alignment of the Corporate Responsibility strategy with the business strategy. Thanks to this understanding, Ferrovial’s values have been renewed.
  • Improvement in internal knowledge and dissemination of Corporate Responsibility across the whole organization thanks to the involvement of the businesses and corporate areas.
  • Formal implementation of the non-financial reporting processes (annual report and sustainability indices) to achieve greater involvement and improved organization of the procedures carried out every year.
  • Establishment and standardization of investment initiatives in the community, categorizing them as “programs” to allow entry by the different organizations in the third sector that may want to participate in them. Technical selection processes have been established where opportunities are advertised sufficiently in advance to guarantee access by organizations in the different calls for participants and to ensure transparency.
  • Consolidation of the Corporate Responsibility Committee as the instrument to drive Corporate Responsibility and as a liaison with Senior Management.