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Ferrovial - Integrated annual report 2013 / Equality and non-discrimination

Through this commitment, included in its Code of Business Ethics, Ferrovial supports diversity as a business, social and legal principle, and complies with current legislation regarding equal opportunity.

The Code of Business Ethics states that all employees shall be given equal opportunity to advance their professional careers on the basis of merit. In this sense, Ferrovial has renewed its Equality award until 2016.

The number of female employees in the company is 28.2%.

The proportion of women on Ferrovial’s governing bodies, i.e. the Board of Directors and management committees, and the management committees and corporate departments in the Group’s divisions and subsidiaries, amounts to 12%.

The company continued to implement measures set out in the Equality plan during 2013. Particularly noteworthy is the Work/Life Balance plan, which helps to strike a balance between employees’ personal and professional lives.