Ferrovial - Integrated annual report 2013 / People

Lines of action

  • Commitment to employees through the company’s positioning on reference indexes and in improvement plans based on the results of employee satisfaction surveys.
  • Internal tools and channels to foster knowledge sharing and professional development.
  • Talent management across the company.
  • Set conditions to ensure that all employees are given equal opportunity to advance their professional careers on the basis of merit.

Evidence of this commitment can be seen in the following milestones:

2013 Milestones

  • “Top Employers” certification.
  • 2013 Employee Satisfaction Survey as a lever for managing employee commitment.
  • Extension of the Global Talent Management Program to various subsidiaries and business units, with an impact on 500 people.
  • Succession Plan updated by boosting the professional development channels for the employees identified as capable of advancement.
  • 2nd Long-Term Remuneration Plan.
  • The Corporate University attracted international attendance at its main campus and held the first executive program in the United States.
  • Creation of cross-cutting work and business communities within the internal social network to support knowledge sharing.

2014 Goals

  • International employment exchange.
  • Extend the internal social network internationally.
  • Consolidate the executive induction process to increase the contribution of executives right from the start and facilitate the process of their integration into the company.
  • Activate the mentoring process in all the company divisions with the executive team working as mentors.
  • Run initiatives in the Corporate University related to new models of learning that guarantee access to knowledge for all the professionals.
  • Start implementation of the new global scorecard for people management, training, occupational safety and remuneration.

Ferrovial is committed to the development of its employees through an integrated model that guarantees the strength of the different businesses and boosts the skills of its professionals.

The combination of the talent and commitment of Ferrovial professionals is one of the pillars of its success as a world leader in infrastructure management. Its strategic priorities therefore include promoting the professional development of all the people in the company in an increasingly global environment, together with management of talent across the company. This provides a framework that guarantees equal opportunities on the basis of merit.

Characteristics of the workforce

At the close of 2013, Ferrovial had a workforce of 66,088 employees. The average age of the workforce is 43.18 years, and the average number of years of service in the company is 8.89. The following is a breakdown by contract type and gender:


45% of Ferrovial employees work outside Spain. The breakdown by countries is as follows:

The company is present in 26 countries and only 0.2% of the workforce is in non-OECD member countries. 16% of employees work part-time. 82% have a permanent contract.