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Ferrovial - Integrated annual report 2013 / Risk management

The global corporate risk management system (FRM) covers the risks of Human Rights violations. The area of compliance risks includes risks due to insufficient or faulty procedures implemented to ensure compliance with the ethical principles that govern the company’s relationship with its employees.

With regard to security staff training, the Security Duties and Procedures Manuals have been expanded with a section on rules to be followed by employees in regard to Human Rights, as well as new instructions in this field for the different security departments.

Ferrovial prohibits any type of discrimination toward its customers and society in general, and undertakes to provide information on its operations in a fast, clear and secure way. Ferrovial is committed to complying with local legislation and to respecting the culture, customs and values of the people in the communities where the company operates. Ferrovial contributes to the promotion of Human Rights compliance, maintains an open dialog with its stakeholders and takes part in social activities with the community.