Ferrovial - Integrated annual report 2013 / Scope of the information

The scope of the information encompasses the companies and any other form of association in which Ferrovial is a majority shareholder or controls its management.

Ferrovial comprises the parent company Ferrovial, S.A. and its subsidiaries and associated companies.

In February 2013, Ferrovial Servicios, S.A. reached an agreement with 3i Group plc to acquire 100% of the capital of Enterprise, and in March it closed the acquisition of 70% of Steel Ingeniería, a company specializing in the mining sector in Chile. In October, Ferrovial reached a deal to transfer a 8.65% stake in FGP Topco Ltd. (the parent company of Heathrow Airport Holdings Ltd.); FERROVIAL’s indirect holding in HAH will thus be 25%.

Through these companies, Ferrovial conducts its business in the following divisions:


Ferrovial Servicios S.A. is the parent company of this division, which is organized into regional areas: In Spain, Ferrovial Servicios España, Cespa, Ferronats, Ferroser Servicios Auxiliares, Ferrovial Infraestructuras S.A., Andaluza de Señalizaciones, Viales de Castilla y León, Autovía Aragón Concesionaria; in the United Kingdom, Amey; and in the international area, Ferrovial Servicios International, Cespa Portugal, Ferrovial Construcoes Gestao e Manutencao, Steel, Ferrovial Servicios Colombia, FB Serwis.

toll roads

This activity includes the development, financing, execution and operation of toll road projects through the parent company Cintra Infraestructuras, S.A. The following companies lie within this activity: Autopista del Sol, C.E.S.A., Autopista Terrasa Manresa, S.A., Autopista Madrid Levante, C.E.S.A. Autopista M-203 Alcalá-O’Donnell, S.A., Eurolink Motorway Operation, Ltd. N4/N6 (M4), Eurolink Motorway Operations (M3) Ltd., Skyway Concession Co. LLC, R4, Euroscut Norte, Euroscut Algarve, Euroscut Azores, North Tarrant Express, LBJ, Vialivre, SH130. Other companies are: Cintra, Infrastructure Services, Financinfrastructures, Cintra Portugal and Cintra Development.


This division executes all kinds of public and private works in Spain and abroad, fundamentally through Ferrovial Agroman, S.A., this business division’s flagship company. The following are responsible for some of this division’s most salient activities: Construcción España (Ferrovial Agroman S.A., Compañía de Obras Castillejos S.A., Edytesa S.A., Tecpresa S.L, Ferconsa, Ditecpesa S.A.) and Ferrovial Railway.

The most important international construction activities include those carried out by Ferrovial Agroman Chile, S.A., Budimex, S.A. (in both Poland and Germany), Ferrovial Agroman Canada Inc., Ferrovial Agroman US Corp., Ferrovial Agroman Ireland Ltd., Ferrovial Agroman Portugal, Webber Management Group, Inc., Ferrovial Agroman Tunisia, Ferrovial Agroman Puerto Rico, Ferrovial Agroman Italy, Ferrovial Agroman Greece, Ferrovial Agroman Texas, Ferrovial Agroman Dominican Republic, Ferrovial Agroman Colombia, Castillejos in Puerto Rico, Ferrovial Agroman Australia, Ferrovial Agroman California, Inc., Ferrovial Agroman Oman, Ferrovial Agroman Poland and Ferrovial Agroman Qatar. Other activities within this division are construction in the United Kingdom (Ferrovial Agroman UK, Ltd.) and industrial construction through Cadagua, S.A. and its subsidiaries and Boremer, S.A.

When the information provided in this Report does not represent the totality of the group, a footnote will be included to this effect.


Of particular importance in this activity is Ferrovial Aeropuertos.