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Ferrovial - Integrated annual report 2013 / Strategic plan

Ferrovial has implemented its Strategic Corporate Responsibility Plan through the 20.13 Plan, which aims to improve competitiveness, develop Ferrovial’s sustainability and protect its reputation, thus contributing long-term value for the company and its stakeholders.

The three-year plan was in force through 2013. It has aimed to link Corporate Responsibility to Ferrovial’s business objectives, and specifically to bring it in line with the position in Intelligent Infrastructures that defines Ferrovial: efficient, accessible, clean and human infrastructures that improve the quality of life of society.

In 2010 an initial analysis was carried out on questions that interested investors, together with assessments of the main sustainability indices and a review of good practices in the sector. All this helped establish the strategic CR lines and areas.


Review of policies and criteria used to prepare their portfolios.


Analysis of strengths and weaknesses.

Good practices

Analysis of the sector and the main companies in other sectors.

This gave rise to a definition of six priority areas for action:

Corporate governance

  • Transparency in the information provided to the market.

Codes od good conduct

  • Human Rights.
  • Combat corruption, bribery and extortion.
  • Promote the Global Compact principles.


  • Employment security.
  • Policies of diversity, equality and work/life balance.
  • Training professionals.

Environment and society

  • Carbon footprint.
  • Saving in consumption and mobility plans.
  • Preservation of biodiversity.
  • Linking social action to intelligent infrastructures.


  • Development of R&D&i projects.
  • Collaboration with prestigious organizations.


  • Dialog with stakeholders.
  • Reporting and indices.